Hey, thought about tyhis when I noticed that my friends would get really upset on something on Nexopia or MSN, and I thought it was funny. I'll try to do C4C, but no garuntees, I'm rerally busy rihgt now. Thanx!

I open up the Internet,
Just to see the mail I get.
It's pathetic, really,
How people "Feel so unloved."

I log onto my Nex profile,
And I start to feel the bile
Rising up in my throat.

I click my mouse, open my mail,
And brace myself with my trash pail.
Time for another round of faceless drama.

"Why was I blocked?"
You should already know.
"You should be clocked!"
You're setting a low
For nerds, drama queens, sensitives and the like.
So I didn't add you as one of my friends.
I didn't try look at you and try to pretend
That I gave a $#%& about all of this pointless,
Hehe, nice. I don't know what Nexopia is, but add some funny bits about gossiping "oh my god did you hear and this and that", some examples. Would be funny
This is cool. I know what you mean. People get offended if you don't add/accept them, and it's stupid. It's the internet FFS.

some of the lyrics are very blatant. Maybe use a thesaurus to add some mystery to your poem?

I saw this as more of a spoken word piece. Is that how you intended it?

ps: this is a C4C from my Untitled project.