I'm applying to Circuit City, and the online thing is asking me what I wish to work in: "Store Non-Management" or "Technician".

Can you help me out here? I've only worked one job, and it was fast food for 8 months. I just recently got fired (sucks ) and I'm looking to get back into having a job, so any help is appreciated.

P.S. I'm almost 17, so I think my chances are pretty good.
Probably store non-management, cause technicians need experience and hardware knowledge and all that jazz. They'll be working with fixing problems with computers and whatnot. Store non-management sounds like you'll be working in the store as a regular joe- cashiering, customer service, inventory, stock, all that. That's what I assume anyway.

Good luck!
Do you want to do mundane chores or fix stuff? (is you smart wif teh lectriks)

EDIT: You are very unlikely to be hired because
1. You are applying online (main reason!)
2. You're 17
I hope you do get it though. If you really want it show up in person.

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Yeah, Store Non Management was what I was looking for.

My dad's more of a technician. I swear, he can fix anything.
Alright, I think I'm going to pick sales associate, but don't you have to make a certain amount of sales or you get fired?

I've heard something like that before...
Some places are like that, they have quotas and/or commissions. Circuit City doesn't seem like a breakneck sales place, so don't worry about it too much. Focus on getting the job, but don't be afraid to ask questions in the interview.

Depends where you're working really. Probably not at Circuit City cause you won't be working on commission (basically your pay depends on how persuasive you are to customers & how much you sell), it's probably just a standard ___ per hour wage.

Somebody told me that Best Buy starts at $9/hr . Ridiculous. I make $7.25 as a bookseller.

If you do work on commission, put on your best Joel Osteen smile and inform customers that they need new computers.
Dude, oh my god, I'm dead.

It took me a ****in' hour to go through that online application. My eyes hurt from staring at the screen.

I also found out that they do drug testing. Damn. >_<
lol @ you druggie - better stop soon if you think your gonna get interviewed.

and i heard bad things abt working at circuit city. they do work on commission, i know that for a fact, but i dun remember if they have quotas or not. they might, and also you might have to be 18 to work there.

g/l anywayz
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I totally agree that you should mention something which is suitable to your work experience. Now....with the job application thing. You can choose not to fill it in and go apply directly instead. I have a friend who'se applying online all day long and when he sees an application longer than 1 page he goes..."Niiiext!". basically because most of them are a waste of time.
However, pay attention if you do chose to fill one in and mention everything correctly.