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Gday, i am pretty good at the guitar, but i only recently just started mucking around on the bass, since my sister got one.

Whats some funky sounding bass tune thats not to hard?

I love playing the thing, but unfortunately i dont know how to play anything!!
Hump de Bump - RHCP
Why Can't A Funk Band Play Rock?! - Funkadelic
anything by jamiroquai

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anything by jamiroquai

Jamiroquai is pretty damn funky, but some of their songs are pretty hard.

Anyways, I'd recommend anything by Cake or Rage Against the Machine
CALM LIKE A BOMB! (rage against the machine)

.....ignite, ignite, ignite...
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Definitely Groove is in the Heart

Bit of Bootsie goes a long way
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Stevie Wonder - I Wish

Tower of Power - What is Hip?
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calm like a bomb-Rage against the machine! thats a goog and easy one

or anything by jamiroquai(Hes the best at funk!
Quote by Charlatan_001
Jamiroquai is pretty damn funky, but some of their songs are pretty hard.

Anyways, I'd recommend anything by Cake or Rage Against the Machine

cake, absolutely

super easy, but also really funky

That's always fun. Don't forget to slap and pop it.

Also sex in a pan by wooten can be pretty funky pending on how you play it, super freak, play that funky music, car wash, and really anything by James Brown too.
Low rider (War) --the main bass riff is a G minor pentatonic scale and variations thereof. Dead easy

Its Your Thing (Isley Bros)--fun but easy.
The Who has some pretty funky basslines.

Also Cake is a great band to learn the basslines too. They're not too difficult, but still really fun. (There cover of I will survive is very fun to play)
Chameleon. Personally, I think the Herbie Hancock version is easier to pick up, seeing as how there isnt a whole big band in his interpretation.
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fluorescent adolescent by arctic monkeys. kinda on the hard side, but its awsome.
black capricorn day - Jamiroquai (rather repetitive but the bass riff is great)
My Generation By the who (The Bass solo is well funky)
You give something By Jamiroquai
So Much I by RHCP (sounds hard but it really isn't)
Slave - Just a touch of love

This topic is great, I'll be sure to think of a few more as well :-)
Holiday in Cambodia-Dead Kennedys

Not too difficult and it is really fun to play for me.
i second Cake.
also Brick House by the Commodores
and Another Bites the Dust by Queen
Slap a bass, not a ho.
Alot of the sly and the family stone songs are pretty simple and of course, insanely funky. Try friends, one simple slap line repeated if I remember correctly, but it sounds amazing.

Also some of these suggestions are laughable, Primus, queen, the who, DEAD KENNEDEY'S, THE CLASH?!

Those are either not funk or not easy or both.

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Forcemaster, I'll agree with you except for "The Magnificent Seven", (Clash) which has a very funky little bass line and is fairly easy. It was one of the first things I learned on bass.

And another easy bass line is "I'll Take you There", (The Staple Singers) which I learned recently for a jam session. Very cool little bass lick AND a bass solo in the bridge. Double fun!
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Sugar Hill Gang - Rappers Delight.
Yes I know its a Chic song but I cant remember which one it is!!

The song was 'Good Times'

How about 'Get The Funk Out' - Extreme.
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The song was 'Good Times'

How about 'Get The Funk Out' - Extreme.

Ah thats it!
Its a classic, I dont know how I forgot it!
Give Up the Funk-Parliament
Flash Light-Parliament

And use good bass right-hand technique!
Memphis Soul Stew by Wilson Pickett is great, I've made a tab for it in this site.
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shakedown street-grateful dead
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Fire-the ohio players
Come original-311
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