So who else here thinks avenged sevenfold really sucks?

I, personally, used to actually kinda like them until i heard them live and lost all respect for them. Their vocals are garbage live, the guitarists and drummer screw up too much. But the vocals are really just what sticks out, i mean Matt Shadows sounds so awful, not to mention Syn and Zacky's backing vocals sound like 13 year old kids in the sunday school choir.

So discuss, i wanna no how many ppl agree with me, i already no theres a mess load of kids who just love them more than anything tho.
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I liked them. They don't suck IMHO. They used to be better. But hey alot of people think otherwise.

BTW Wrong forum. Bands and Artists pl0x?
Please, please close this.
*reported* Nobody else post.
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There is no need for this thread.You don't have to kick a dead horse cause it is already dead.
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Take this to the A7X only thread.
Yes there is an A7X only thread.
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i think they ruined rjd's song but they're an alright band, and this thread is pointless, you could possibly have a anti-band group right? but this thread=going to be owned by a mod chuck norris style
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Take this to the A7X only thread.
Don't. Unless you have a more constructive argument than "their vocals suck, and their backups sound like pre-pubescent children,"
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