hey, first off only been playin bout 8 months or so...and riff obv isnt professional, lol...but ive been workin primarily on scales, while i do wanna learn some cover songs, im trying more towards learning the scales and how they work, haha. But just wanted to see if im gettin on the right track, maybe just a crit as far as if this is any good at all, hard sometimes to tell if im gettin anywhere...thanks

a-minor pent...i know cookie cutter, but w/e lol...one scale at a time.

kinda reminds me of a song unfortunately, lol..seems every time i come up with somethin i sorta like, ends up sounding like somethin ive heard before...
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Reminds me of Layla lol , sounds cool. Yeah man just keep at it and you will get somewhere give mine a crit. They are about a thread or 2 under yours!
yea, ur right, the hammer , then h/p part def does sound like layla, probably happens a lot id imagine with pent scales...damn, lol...woulda just been happier THINKING it sounded like a diff song....haha jk
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