I added a new demo to my myspace profile named "Ode". Recorded with my Agile AL-3100 Wide through a Vox Ac30 mic'd with a Shure SM57. I'll do crit-4crit if anyone else has something to share. Oh and add me if you like lol. Thanks.

PRS Singlecut Trem

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There is something there. I would definitely like to hear when it is finished.

Nice simple melodic lines instantly draw a listener in, but it has got a tenderness to it I suppose that I think anyone would be happy for it to be an 'ode' about them.

I can hear it building up of course if you finished writing it, it seems like it could explode a little if needed.

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I think I have natural talent for guitar because I'm left handed and I use that hand to pleasure myself. Seeing as I started playing after most of intense masturbating-teen years, the dexterity was already there.
yea i like it too, lil bit diff, which is part i like, real catchy too, post the finished when ur done! like i said in a diff post, only been playin my elec for 8 months or so religiously, had an acoust before that i messed with, so im kind of a n00b yet so i cant really crit far as technique and blah blah, lol...i got a couple lil things in my profile...nothin too special, just stuff i make up messin around real quick..
Thanks a lot shinedown98. I guess this recording is an isn't my type of music at the same time. Then again I'm all over to place with what I play. I listened to your recordings and I like em. I like the rock verse especially. For a guy who's been playing serious for 8 months your pinch harmonics are a lot better then mine lol. As for the blues riff. I liked it to. The distortion was a bit too much for me but it got the point of the lick across.
PRS Singlecut Trem

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oh thanks, lol...yea i didnt bother changin dist for bluesy part, a bit of overdrive would probably fit that riff a lil better then dist i had it set on...