i dont have much experience playing either but i wanted to make a semi hollow (Gibson ES style but different shape)

im debating between a 27-28" baritone and a 25" 7 string

any suggestions?
what tuning are you aiming for and what kind of bridge are you planning on?
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Greatest thread ever.
i say baritone, 7 string is friggin rediculous..... unless you go for the 30" scale 9 string guitar tuned to C#, thats a mans instrument
For Semi-Hollows?

It's a bit unconventional to have a seven string hollow body, isn't it?
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For Semi-Hollows?

It's a bit unconventional to have a seven string hollow body, isn't it?

Given that the modern 7 string guitar was a product of the Jazz genre. I would say no, it really isn't that unconventional.

As for building a hollow body guitar, i would opt for the 7 string.
I would say a mild baritone 7 string. Its a little hard to find nice gauges for 7 strings especially for the low B string so the extra length helps keep the tension.
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both, i heard that having a longer scale on a 7 is better becuase of tension or something, correct me if im wrong.
but great idea on the 7 string hollowbody
Baritone, I say.

Although I'd definitely suggest playing both for a reasonable amount of time before making one, obviously. I got myself a seven string and I ended up really not liking it, even though I thought I would. It would be a shame to spend so long making it and find it isn't for you.
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Go for 30", and make some kind of Fender VI.

But I would go for the 7 string, personally.
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the 7 string semi hollow idea was something i kind of stole from jazz style guitars, however jazz guitars sometimes have a shorter scale to make complex chords easier and also use super huge string gauges. i think i could make a really versatile guitar with the right pickup choices. its all in the idea stages right now
I'd go with a long scale 7 string. Something like a 26" just to make it so you can tune a little lower than a normal 7 string when you feel the need, but choosing between the options you gave us, I'd go with the baritone.
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