so if I were to get a guitar for a Josh Homme kind of sound (for covers and others) what would you suggest? I know he plays Ovation GP's and Maton electrics... but i've heard those are pretty rare. I'd probably be keeping it in C (2 steps down) maybe a baritone?

also I'm aware he uses bass amps and such, I'm really just wondering what a good guitar would be.
He also uses a Epiphone Dot, and they are pretty good on a budget, and if I remember right, you can get them in a baritone form, I'm not too sure though.
I don't think you'd need a baritone for that tuning. Just .11 or .12 gauge strings.
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He has a bunch of Matons, but his newer stuff he has used a whole bunch of weird guitars like cheap Japanese fender rip offs so no one can trace his sound. I always see in interviews that he never wan'ts people to have the same sound a him so he never tells his full set up.
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anything with humbuckers will probably work fine. He's been using alot of semihollow guitars the past couple years too. I don't think you'd need a baritone to go down to C. just thicker strings.
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yeah I had just recently heard of baritone's and thought they might work for that.. might not be worth it though..

I've been thinking about getting a Tony Iommi SG, which I hear sounds great detuned. Think if I plug it through a bass amp I might get some half decent resaults? by the way I'm looking a similar sound since I know trying to get his exact sound would be impossible... and it probably different from song to song.