There are a lot of Ovation-haters out there among acoustic purists. This thread is for acoustic players who love their Ovations. Tell us all about your Ovation here. Post pics if you can.

Mine is an Elite 1768, a limited 1998 edition using German spruce for the top and fretboard inlay. The 1768 has since been discontinued, so I have a very rare limited edition of a discontinued model. It's been beat to hell, but it still plays like a dream, both flatpicked and fingerstyle.

Mine's developed a lot more "character" than the more pristine example below:
Death to Ovation haters!
I think Ovations are fine, I just prefer the sound of a dreadnought. I'd definitely consider Ovation if I needed an acoustic/electric, though.
ovations are awesome, def one of the best acoustic/electric guitars out there right now. i love my celebrity to death!
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Love my celeberity,Sound is not a rich as some of my dreadnoughts but its great plugged in.Add a pedal and it rocks.
My MOB is almost a part of me. Ovations are awesome.
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I LOVE my Celebrity ...Especially since the price was half-off
I got mine cheap, too.

I was very much a purist before I bought this guitar; if I hadn't been strapped for cash and found my Ovation for a ridiculously good price, I would still be an ignorant acoustic traditionalist.

What surprises a lot of people is that I'm not an electric player at all; all the music I play is stuff you'd normally hear on an acoustic, played the way I would play any other acoustic guitar. It's not just agreat guitar, it's a great acoustic guitar.
Death to Ovation haters!