I am progressing good as a guitarist (I think!), but I then again,I think I am not progressing a bit. I've learned and am learning Music theory. I can play Sweet Child o Mine (I know, it's easy), Stairway to Heaven, Eruption etc...But how do you APPLY music theory to the GUITAR?
sweet child is not easy, it's not incredibly hard, but the solo is definitely challenging...anyways, to apply theory to guitar first, you gotta practice a lot. once u know theory the best way to apply it is to write songs, really. keep writing until you write something that sounds good to you. always keep it up the writing.
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i think your thinking to hard, just play, if your learning theory it will sneak its way into you playing, well it did with me, and yeh writing songs would help to
thanks for all your advices. Actually I was thinking I may need to feel the "heat" when practising. You know, when you jog in a right manner you can feel that you're working out real good. Just this thing I cannot put into my guitar playing.