This is a noob question, and I know i'm probably gonna get flamed, but I need to know. I play guitar, but I would like to play bass as well. My question is whether or not I would need to buy a bass amp, or run it through a guitar amp? I'm pretty sure you will recommend me buy a bass amp, but will a guitar amp do? For the time being, of course. I will buy a bass amp down the track either way.
I would recommend you to go to the Bass Forum, but prepare to get flamed.

You can run a bass through a guitar amp, but it'll sound like **** and you could damage it if you turn the volume up enough.
Well, you CAN run it through a guitar amp. But then again you can fill up your car with milk instead of fuel. Catch my drift ?
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I'd buy a bass amp.... you can run it through a guitar amp but the volume has to be really low or you'll probably blow it....
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There's a good chance you'll blow your amp if you play a bass through it. Go buy a bass amp.
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ok, heres the thing. sure you can do it, it will work you can even get it to sound pretty good, i know i have. but guitar speakers cant exactly handle the low freaquencys that well, there are much smaller than your typical bass speaker. also the speaker enclouser in bass cabs should have hols cut in the back to allow are to move in and out, without the holes on low notes your speakers can rip. i just want to warn you, you can do it. just keep it down and get a bass amp as soon as you can.
Just do it, i would
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