I am a noob on a lot of the guitar theory because I am self taught so please don't laugh at the question.

what is the difference between C7, C dominant 7, C add 7.

could you explain it in way so I could use it on different chords.
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C7 actually IS C dominant 7
It is made up of the intervals 1 3 5 b7

Cadd7 does not exist

I suggest you RTFS if you dont understand
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C7 is a C dominant 7, and to my knowledge there is no such thing as a C add7, i believe you are thinking of c add9

C7 has a b7. the reason why is because it helps create more tension before resolving the harmony

there is also a chord called the C maj7, which instead of having a b7 just has a normal 7. it sounds a lot different to a C7. it reminds me of hullucination lol