Hi guys

I'm in the market for an acoustic and the m225 has just about got my vote except for one little thing...

The heel ( see link above if u dont know what it is...) is connected via two separate sections, as if two parts have been glued together. My question is, is this something to be concerned about? I wont be buying another guitar for quite a while after this one so i just want to make sure it's going to last

I know some of you are going to say go for the CC Fat Lady 1 but i like the looks of this one quite a bit more and the Lady seems a bit hard to get hold of (i.e. i have to order it and i cant play it beforehand). Also have played the m225 and i love the sound of it.

Hey man, Whereabouts are you located roughly?
And I'm not exactly sure about the looks thing, as when you get a CC FL1 with a spruce top and queensland maple back and sides they start to look pretty similar.

But in answer to your question, I've played a lot of 225's and havent ever seen a quality issue with the heel, in fact i wasnt aware of what it is your talking about, in fact I'm struggling to picture it, as far as i can remember the heel was the same as just about every other heel.

And I would suggest that if possible at least try a Cole Clark, the FL1 is really much better value than the Maton 225, if you were gpoing to spend mroe I would say Maton and Cole Clark are pretty evenly matched with Maton pulling out because of a wider range of guitars.

I'm assuming your not in Melbourne or sydney as they are fairly common there.
are you talking about where it looks like a joint between two pieces of wood at the heel? like where i added the line in this picture?
wow jim... this has nothing to do with the thread but is that your guitar? that grain... sexy.
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Yep Jim, that's what i was talking about:p

Johnos, i live in sydney but i have no idea where a shop with the FL1 is:S If you can lead me to a shop with it i will definately try it out! I'm not really that intune with the guitar shops in sydney so i guess that's why lol ( The only shops i've seen with cole clarks are in melbourne and queensland)

I'm looking for one without a cutaway or pickup
I live in Melbourne but I'll try help you out anyway.
First off, try the dealers page on their website, just click on NSW on the menu

The Billy Hydes near me usually has at least one of most models (FL1, FL1AC, FL2, FL1 12 string, FL2AC and sometimes an FL3 or two) so I would assume that the Billy Hydes in sydney would have some in stock. So see if theres one near you
Allan's doesnt stock them so your out of luck their.

Also maybe check out this aussie forum

There are plenty of people from Sydney who should be able to help you more than me or most of the members here
I've played a few m225's and have honestly been left unimpressed. However, if your not keen and a Cole Clark or must have a Maton and you're on a budget, I could not recommend the Mini Maton enough. Those things are little pocket rockets and in all honestly they have the best 'bang for your buck' out of any guitar I've played....ever....even the Cole Clarks...which I own.
My Maton EM225C has that, and it's a great guitar. I'd recommend the EM225C. It comes with a cutaway as well and is great all round.
THanks johnos for the info! looks like ill be visiting billy hydes soon

well i've been checking out the cole clarks more and more (online that is ) and i like how the soundboard's grain looks.

Just one question about the FL1 here: https://www.billyhydemusic.com.au/shop/index.cfm?action=view&id=138 is there meant to be a pickguard on it or is it optional?

thanks again everyone for the input
Every FL1 i've seen (mine included) has a pick guard. I'm sure you could order one without it though.
Yeah i dunno whats happened there but Ive always seen them with a pickguard.

Also just so you know. The cole Clarks come with either spruce or Bunya soundboards. The spruce looks normal, like any spruce and is quite plain looking. It's the Bunya that has the grain, so make ntoe of that when you try one.
Also the sides come in Bunya, Queensland maple or blackwood. The queensland maple looks the same as the Matons, the Bunya will have the same grain as the soundboard (I've only seen bunya bodies with bunya soundboards) and i cant say that I've ever seen blackwood, but it pays to note what woods are used in the CC you play as they will all sound different