lol I actually do have neopets... i'm so sad

but I do use it occasionally, I play the games when I'm bored, so I want my neopoint
I'm Female! Get it right!

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Congratulations,Non!You've earned the Deathscyth76 medal of "Nobody knows what the F*ck your talking about!

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yeah but you are non. nuff said.
Haha i remember that game, i kept forgetting my password so i just gave up on it
lol..i remember noepets..
i didnt have enough neopoints to buy food
my animal thing pet is "dying"
cba to feed it
Its like a colour mismatch
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I have around 1,830,000 NP.

And no, you cannot have them.

Not even for a blowjob?
I have about 7 different accounts...all of which i dont know the password to
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lololololol that was epic andyd93. you just made my day