I'm writing a song at the moment, and I was wondering what the actual purpose of a bridge is in a song. I've written all the other parts of the song, but I'm not understanding how the bridge is written, what part of the story it tells etc..
The bridge in a song is an apotheosis (or something like that), sometimes it's the most important part of the song, sometimes there's a solo over it, and most of the time it's the part that rocks out most. I hope I described it good :p
Think of bridge as an overall summary without any metaphor or something and sometimes thetransition from bridge to normal routine of song or vice versa works beautifully
The bridge is usually between a verse and chorus towards the latter part of the song. It is usually a slight swist on the verse. It also might be shorter than a standard verse. Go to any lyric site and look at some of your favorite songs, you should find a bridge in some, and it should stick out.