I'm going to work now.

I'm a janitor...

...stop laughing.

Actually, for an hours work (usually around 40 minutes) I make a cool $400.

Has anyone else got as sweet a job as me?
Or, for that matter, a terrible job?

I wonder who fixed Hitlers toilet...
My official job title is Playworker. Meaning for 3 hours a night 3 nights a week I play football,rubgy, netball or whatever other games with kids and make £6 an hour. But if it's crap weather I get paid to sit and "supervise".
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I want a job...
I used to have a saturday job sorting potatoes, it was around £30 for a days work which is ok for a 15 year old
I work at Gregg's - about £4.88 an hour, and it's boring, annoying, and i'm nakered after every shift.
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I work as a student/bum.

Meaning I do bugger all and get paid bugger all.
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I work at hungry jacks (burger king) i know it sucks, i get paid $7.80 an hour in Australian dollars that is
I work at hawkins bazaar, £4.90 an hour
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I am a babysitter (raises flame shield)

Its actually fair awesome, you eat their food, watch their tv, do some homework if your desperate (and I'm talking next-day desperate) and you get paid

My job usually involves..."sure, ill take good care of them...get to bed you punks...*munch munch*...
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I r a tennis coach and a waiter.


No, really

Don't be horrible you bastard

In the summer I work in my brothers restaurant which is pretty sweet.
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I work for DHL as an accounts clerk. Get $17.30/hr (£6.29/hr)

And sometimes I work at the ice-cream shop for $8/hr (£2.91/hr)

I actually prefer the latter job
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I work as a student/bum.

Meaning I do bugger all and get paid bugger all.

Well if your poor like me you get a silly amount of money for being a bum

£2700 that i dont have to pay back
£2000 that i think i do
£1500 bursary

Just curious, since some of you are 15-16. Is it legal for an employer to hire you? Doesn't he get into trouble?
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Hehe...Burger King...

It's not so much a janitor.
More a cleaner.

The difference is I'm not foreign, I have no moustache and I don't smell odd.
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I'm a janitor...

...stop laughing.

Actually, for an hours work (usually around 40 minutes) I make a cool $400.

$10 a minute as a janitor?
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16 is the legal age in the UK, generally. Some jobs can get away with as young as 13.

I'm pretty sure the legal age for employment is 13, but you don't get a minimum wage until you're 16.
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Im gonna be doin an Open uni course in web development and server maintenance.
There was a job in the paper the other day for PHP developers and they offered a starting salary of £27,000 a year.

Whereas up in london, you can be paid around £60,000 a year i think.

I currently work for royal mail and get paid something like £7.80 an hour. With a monthly bonus of around £90.

Hopefully, soon we'll be getting a 6.9% pay rise, and a £175 lump sum bonus.
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