Haha, dude i'm thinking of a diner in the 50's, with some guy saying: "Well that swell, you wanna grab a malt, Sandy?" haha, really tonal, and happy.

Not enough happy music on the forums these days, it makes me happy you wrote something... happy. Everything ends with core or starts with post, and it's starting to piss me off, lol, no just "happy songs" XD

It bounces along nicely, seems like in bar 10 you were kind of letting everyone know the 7-string was there... lol, using all the notes is good, but not when it sounds forced. in contrast to that though, in bar 20 you have a really good 16th triplet run there. ^_^d

When it kicked into B2, it made me think of kids at the beach surfing in the 50s as well: "I'm gonna hit that swell... swell?" >_< The guitar lead was really cool though dude, keep it up and show the boards more of your stuff!


Crit Mine?
4/4 is just so boring. <_<
Thanks I agree, bright music is hard to come by, everything is always dark it seems. Yea I didn't much like that run at the 10th either, but somehow I couldn't find anything to replace it...I need to work on that I guess.
Good lord....that was so happy. Awesome. That was really good man. Very nice, chill music. I changed the guitars in the beginning part to electric jazz, and wow, it sounded amazing. Then at B2 they go back to Distortion guitars. It sounds sweet, you should try it out.

But yeah man, very cool song.