Hi, I have a Zoom G1X Effects unit. I know, bad bad pedal, I'm going to get a decent amp fairly soon but it turned out cheaper to just get the effects pedal a while ago, and a lot easier as I had way less experience.

Question, Is it possible to recreate the sound used in In Flames, Dark Tranquillity and other scandinavian metal acts on this pedal? I'm struggling about but I can't really get it, can anyone who has this effects pedal help?

I'm not familiar with that pedal but if your saving up for a new amp i'm pretty sure (not 100% though) those bands use peavey 5150 or similar amps.
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From Wikipedia: "Both the guitarists of In Flames are known for using the Peavey 5150 amp.[3] Jesper also uses a Line 6 rackmounted POD just like Björn.[3]"

I guess everyone uses the 5150, I wish I did.
You probably can't get that sound. The only usable distortion sound (I'm playing straight to PA/headphones btw) I can get from my Zoom G2.1U is using the Extreme Distortion (ED) distortion. The rest just sound bad (ok I haven't fiddled with all of them, mainly bG and bC).