discovered a new band today, Never See Tomorrow. dunno if any of you would have heard them, but theyre definately worth a listen, and have an ep coming out in november

i first heard their cover of vanessa carlton's "a thousand miles" which got me to listen to their other stuff, so listen to that first i reckon some of you guys will it

Oh and if anyone feels like tabbing that out it would be greatly appreciated :P

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Pretty cool musically, don't like the vocals too much...
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awesome they sound pretty good.
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Don't like them too much, wayyy too generic, but the 1000 Miles cover is great rofl
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lol any one here from Wollongong like myself? These guys are mad, gotta get their CD in November.
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because they are superior to ours.

i don't like the cover...sounds like it should be in some crappy pop-rock band, except they have growled vocals and too much chugging...

nothing special really. not too bad though.
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