Ok, so i have a politics tutorial where there are 2 sides of the argument, pro and con (i am pro) and we have to discuss/argue points for our side. OK so the topic I have is:

Hobbes is right to privilege order over consent.

I know the basic points like, Hobbes argues that in a state of nature it would be constant war between individuals etc, people are self interested etc, who all are after one common goal of self preservation and to get this they need order, which hobbes argues can only be given by a leviathan (who is created by the social contract, not party to it) who is the supreme authority in the created society. So all humans are after order will ultimately give consent straight away for order, so does it mean that to hobbes anyway because all the humans in a state of nature seek order more than anything else consent can be regarded as secondary to it?

OK so basically thats all I have which isn't a lot and will probably be trod all over by the cons side. anyone here know anything that could help? thanks for any replies in advance.

EDIT: didn't know whether to post this in the politics thread or not, if it should have gone there could someone move it please? thanks
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but i cant help
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I cant exactly help you out with your topic in general, but what I find super helpful in debates is to know what the other person is going to use against you. Theres nothign better than being able to turn around what they say into something that helps you

Erm..this is a debate, yes?

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yeh it is a debate, but part of my problem is that i agree more with what i am arguing against. lol
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Google 'Thomas Hobbes' and read all about his philosophy. Highlight what you think are the pros and cons of his idea. A good article on google will help you better than anyone here.
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