I have a 40W SS right now, and I never use the OD on the amp, I always use a Boss DS/OD pedal.

I am considering buying a single channel tube. Is it worth getting a 2 channel tube even though I predominantly use a pedal? Are you better off using the amps OD? Let me know what you guys think.
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Get a 2 channel amp, that way you can use both. So you can have 2 different OD flavors that you can combine for all new sounds and tones.
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Well, if you can crank up a small valve amp, they sound great. However, an OD pedal will only sound as good as the amp will let it sound. Like, if the amp is rubbish as it is, the OD won't make a huge difference...
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if you get a tube amp, you may not even want to use a pedal, depending what you play. That's the main area where tube amps excel over SS amps. Tube and SS waveforms look almost identical up until the point of clipping(overdrive on a tube amp).
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I prefer tube distortion. A good distortion through the clean channel of a tube amp isn't bad, but it sounds very different. Gives you another option. Definitely run distortion pedals through the clean settings on solid state. Using solid state dist. on the amp + distortion from the pedal seems to produce some type of phase cancellation that deadens the dynamics and emphasizes clipping. This effect is more pronounced the higher you turn the distortion on either unit.
buy an amp to do all that you need it to, gain wise and clean wise. use pedals to compliment that where needed.
If you have a single channel tube amp, you can sort of cop a seccond with a nice od/distortion. Run the tube amp slightly hotter than clean, but not terribbly dirty for your rythm or whatever, and kick in the od/distortion for hotter bits or solos.
Go with a single channel tube, set it up for overdrive, then use your guitar's volume as an input gain control to clean it up. Back when pretty much all amps were single-channel and external ODs hadn't gained too much popularity, that's what guitarists did- and they sounded GOOD. Besides, a tube driven into clipping sounds much better than the diodes, transistors, and op-amps being used in most OD pedals.