Hi I am wondering if these drums sound alright (I really have no clue what sounds good for a begining band)...I am not a drumer I play guitar and I am going to record my band. Could you tell me if sound good or bad for a 14 year old band. And if you have anysugustion...Please the drums were off I did them...... Please reply I really want some responsis. Also what would be some cheap things to buy to make them sound alot better? I am 14 ...I don't really have a Job Thanks

i dont see no drums?


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umm you say for a 14 year old band.. you're either good or you aint.. simple as that.. you cant be good for your age because that would mean you're only good because you're so young, therefore as soon as you're 20 you're ****
The band is 14 years old or its members are? sorry
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yeh they arre good quality recording, i think he only said he was 14 so people understood he didnt have cash
thats better than i can record at the momment wht did you use? thanks
The only problem I have is that the hi hat is VERY lacking in high end, and sounds a bit silly and bassy.

My advice would be to use EQ and boost around 8kHz. If it is one single track, this isn't a problem, as the snare will benefit from this a bit.

If you do this, the drums as a whole will sound crisper, which should improve the overall effect.