Hey, I started playing electric again lately but I'm having a bit of trouble with the volume on the amp. The second and third frets on my guitar aren't in the best shape(for some reason when i play G's and D's the high E string squeeks like mad with my finger on those frets). I know in the long term I'll have to get it fixed but has anoyone any tips on how(for the time being) I can adjust the volumes on my amp to bring the high pitched noise from them to a minimum? The 6 options on the amp are 'volume' 'overdrive' 'master' 'treble' 'middle' 'bass'. Any ideas?
UVQ is right. Cut the treble or lower your treble to 5 or 7. Then turn the knob of Middle to maximum or 10. Than for the bass,adjust it to 8. It sounds really cool when you have a distortion pedal and max the distortion of it to 10. Nice. I wish this could help you RVM.
Hey, thanks guys, that helped it a lot. Still squeeking a bit but not half as annoying! Thanks again