Put some sound clips of you playing with it please. I don't know what fuzz to get. I want to get the led zeppelin/Black sabbath tone so any tips?
A Vox Tonebender Mark II clone, look into BYOC's kit.

And the Axis Fuzz is crap. It's like the MG of the fuzz world. jesus, how anybody could spend that amount of money I don't know
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mrcarrot are you crazy? the dunlop remake fuzz which i have sucks. ive seen the axis on youtube and it sounds just like the fuzzes from the 60s. and ive seen multiple reviews and sound clips.
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ok well atleast state it when you are. cuz i was about to bust a chris benoit on you

yeah fair enough. I did put the at the end of my post but you probably missed it in your rage

Good choice though, It's real nice for those Axis: Bold as Love tones, I prefer the Classic personally as I like germanium soft fuzz sounds but they're both awesome.

And the Dunlop Fuzzes do suck. Good for modding though, you can drop a real Fuzz Face circuit in there and get the tone and the look
The Laney Thread are big and clever. No exceptions.
well at first i wanted a classic but it sounded like its highs were too loud. its just IMO though. just like dunlop fuzz remakes are so bassy that people think your playing a bass
Yeah, the Classic has the lowest gain transistors and the most sensible sound, the Axis has old-style lowish gain Silicon transistors and a distinct, although still reasonable sound. The Dunlop has modern ultra high gain MPSA18 transistors and it just sounds pants.

The Laney Thread are big and clever. No exceptions.
Here's what I wrote about mine when I first tried it in a shop:

Roger Mayer Axis Fuzz:
First, looks: ugly reddish/orange colour, and it's friggin huge: but who cares about looks? I plugged in with the amp and the pedal switched on, which make a high pitched squeal that made my left ear hurt. I played a bit with it, and came to these conclusions: with the volume and drive up full you can easily blow up your amp. I turned the volume knob just over halfway, which made it 'phone the cops'-loud. The Koch itself was at a very civilized volume, btw. The fuzz was really nice; this was a silicon fuzz, so it sounded very 'Band of Gypsys'-like. It cleaned up really well with the volume knob; but the (guitar's) tone knobs seemed to have no effect when the drive control was high. Lots of noise, crackling, and fizz, just the way a fuzz should be, IMO. This will cut through very well when playing with a band.

Half a year later, I still feel the same way, although I have grown to like the way it looks.
ya the orange is the only thing i dont like. think its possible to paint it some how?
^Sure, but I don't think it's worth the trouble. It might be cool to just sand all the paint off, and polish it. Actually, that would look awesome. Like the Octavia, but better.
where did you order this? they still make these?? what the crap...i need one.
i got mine from here


ive searched all around for the axis fuzz and that site is the cheapest ive seen it. the best part. no shipping or tax *atleast for me not sure if its everywhere* it is 199 my total came to. definitely the best price for a new one. the other prices are 219 and 229 with tax and shipping so id say if your gonna get one, get it fromt hat site
damn 200 bucks, you must be rich. i'd love one, but thats too much money. i'm hoping to get fralin pickups for 150, and even that is killing me. hopefully i can get the blueprints and my brother can build me one. anyways, congrats...you'll have an awesome time with it im sure!
well i work as a busser at a really expensive resturant *make 100$ a night in tips* and cuz im not 19 yet i cant be waiter. they make like 250 to 300 a night
I've never played one of these, but I'd also like to recommend the analog man sunface, they're awesome, and you can get them to customize them however you want (different casings, transistors-Germanium and Silicone varieties, controls, power options)

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well i work as a busser at a really expensive resturant *make 100$ a night in tips* and cuz im not 19 yet i cant be waiter. they make like 250 to 300 a night