i have never used wah pedals. I am learning a solo that is in need of a wah pedal. Sweet child o mine solo is the one. do the wah pedals take a while to get used to especially when u have to play fast and press down and up etc. or r they a piece of cake to use I do not know if i would benefit from one early on.
Do you really have to ask?

Try moving your foot in the way you would if you were using a wah while playing the song.
are you really that stupid?
its not hard.. just back and forth..
it takes a bit of practice and experience to get it smooth. id only be bothered about spending £60+ if i was a beginner
Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.
well thats not the first guitar lick i'd try using it on!! not the easiest. anyway what you should do is go get a wah, i would say the slash one cause it has serious range, and just dick around with it till you get comfortable. (it is kind of expensive though) obviously you have to change the pace of the pedal movement depending on the part of the solo so there will be some getting used to.
You'll be fine with it, easy learning curve
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