I'm thinking about buying a new amp head. I've heard a lot about Krank's Revolution head and Mesa Boogie's Triple Rectifier and was curious on which one to get. They cost around the same price, but I want to hear opinion's on these amps. Thanks!
Well, You only get a recto if you want that recto sound. And a Krank if you want that krank sound.

What styles you playing first of all?
i DEFINITLY think go the MESA, my mate who plays heavy/death metal has one in his shed, and even tho im not the biggest metal fan, every time he gets me in there and cranks it up it makes me yelp like a little girl. My guitar teacher has a plethora of amps and the kranks that he has dont really wet my whistle. then again i havent heard that specific model ur talking about. but the triple rec reaallyy does put the cream to the pie. i hear the revolution is good for metal tho, so really u cant go wrong. if only i had the moolah to spend on an amp that u do.
mesas are generally smoother sounding, while the krank would be more fuzzy and brutual sounding. kranks a bit harder to work with, and the fuzzy gain sound isnt for everyone. its very modern metal. but ive heard people make some great sounds with them. try em both i'd say
bah never mind either of those.

The Recto is just too sloppy for death.
Krank has a rought texture which isnt right for death metal. (Unless you look for that)

I think a Mesa/boogie MkIV or Peavey 5150 would be ideal for you.

Look into them.
Mesa/Boogie is by far the cream of the crop right now for metal. That and the Peavey 5150 (which you have to buy used) I think that if you like really REALLY good quality tone that can shriek like a banshee and buzz like a saw, go Mesa/Boogie. The Krank's are VERY hard to work with. NO joke they are good, just a lot more work.
I'd consider a modded 5150 or a ENGL too.
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DEFINITELY the Mesa Triple Rec!!
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