Here I tried it again this time with mikes in a different possision.. Could you please tell me if it sounds better..Also The members of the band are 14 we have not been together 14 years... http://www.purevolume.com/thekidian theres the link Please reply its the 2nd try. Also if you didn't see my message earlerer I am wondering if these drums will sound alright with everything else recorded....I am not the drumer so be easy on me Thanks

add some more bass and make sure those hi-hats really come through, theyre very much in the background, the first one actually sounds a bit better coz you can hear the hats much better
depends if you like the punchy kick drum... personally i think a little bass never goes wrong,

3mice: if it sounds good to you then leave it, just get more hats in there
You might favour more low mid, but kick drum isn't a bass instrument, and the sub 80Hz frequencies should not be boosted.