Well being a noob in that catagory i thought i was hitting my pinch harmonics right and my guitar just wasn't distorted enough or something to actually squeal. But i just got it to scream and it was awesome.

I have a les paul with emg non-actives so i figured i could but never got there. And i finally did it and all i can think about is finding that sweet spot and doing it again, but i'm not near consistent.

I've read everything i could on them so if you have any tips of your own maybe you could help out.
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practice and use wide vibrato when you hit it
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Yeah, i've been shaking the **** out of the string, it does help.
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Sweet spots are everywhere....

All you need to do is nail your technique right and the squeal will come as a result.

I advise you to learn how to do the reverse one first (from upstroke using your pointy finger for pinch) For me, that was miles easier than the downstroke thumb one.

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use natural harmonics over the pickups to find the sweetspot
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there are so many different key ingredients into making pinch harmonics work. first off: the location where you strum is very important. ive been trying to do them for 8 months, and i finally have them down fairly well. each string is slightly different, but it needs to be picked in about the same area. for me and my guitar, it is just above the neck pickup, on the end closest to the bridge. also, the way you pick it, and then have your thumb graze the string, that technique is also important. it is easy to mess this up, but once you get it right, practice it over and over again.

in my opinion, the pickup choice isn't nearly that important. i have 2 low end guitars with stock pickups on both (i am going to upgrade them, i just dont have the money), and i can make them both squeal pretty well.
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well yeah i figured my pick ups would be damn good for that and it turns out i just wasn't doing it right.

I have to really do some weird **** with my thumb but i can get it...
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