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YES, ever seen prog rock on TV lately?
4 29%
NO, you definetely here notes when you watch MTV?
8 57%
2 14%
Voters: 14.
Hello fellow UG`ers,

ever watched like MTV?
Noticed how more and more real music is being neglected?
Today 90% of what you see on television is made by recordcompanies only for the money.

So my question to you is:
Is music dying? Will there be no more room for the old music styles, because they are not as marketable.

Sorry for any spelling mistakes, I'm Dutch.
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Old music styles? Pop music is totally on its way out.

Are you into classic rock by any chance?
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No, i only watch MTV on sundays, and on sundays it's awsome.
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why would u want the music that you like on mtv or any other crappy tv channel. as long as you still have music to listen to then theres no point in complaining . unless you want ur bands up there with britney fukin spears
Why the hell people think that classic rock was more popular in the seventies and all over the radio compared to pop rock nowadays is beyond me.


Pop will always dominate MTV and the charts, always has done.
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