I have had my Standard Strat for about a year now and I still really like the feel of it, but want to make it sound better to go along with my Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. Is there a good pickup upgrade that anybody can reccomend? I play mostly blues and rock, but sometimes I like to play more heavy stuff like Metallica. I dont know much about pickups but would active pickups be something I should look into? Right now, there are just 3 single coil pickups installed in my strat. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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If you want to play a lot of Metallica, maybe put a humbucker in the bridge position.
It would probably be best just to get a new guitar for the sound your wanting :\
^ A Strat with a humbucker would be able to play metal. If he was predominantly playing metal, I'd recommend switching the amp, not the guitar.
Well active single coils are rather blah unless you're willing to go all-out and put in a set of David Gilmour EMGs, which would be amazing, but costs like $250.

Fender Texas Specials are also amazing single coils that can do just about anything, but again we're talking $200+ for the upgrade.

I'm not sure what you're budget is but GFS pickups are spectacular; not to mention inexpensive (don't confused that with 'cheap'. The prices may be low but the quality is barely a tini step down from Seymour Duncans, which are pretty much the passive pickup benchmark).

Bridge: Lil' Killer Humbucker Rail - Note: These come in three output levels: 6k "vintage", 10k "modern", and 15k "lead". I'd go with either of the former, the 15k will kill the single coils I'm going to recommend for the other positions.
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Those three should get along reasonably well... It's not the cheapest way to go but it'll probably serve you best.
Sad to say but the biggest problem here is the amp, it's great...but it ain't a metal amp by any stretch of the imagination.
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Good pick ups would be Lindy Fralin Blues Specials.
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