I got recommended this amp by a few ppl here, thing is it sounds great but the isnt made for distortion as well as the clean, i play Chili peppers, the strokes, and would this amp be good enough for the tones that John Frusciante uses live for his solos etc. I have a zoom g2.1u effects pedal as well. Or is ther any other recommendations for around £300?
Cleans are great distortion overdrive is great too,I play a lot of strokes with mine and get great tone.
It's a great amp no matter how you look at it and if you're in europeits price tag is excellent.
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Go used. You can get more for your money.

I'd look into Vox ac30cc2

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I think i might stick with the laney as stephen says its got good tone, the marshall only has one speaker which put me off and the Vox was too expensive lerk
That Laney is leagues ahead of a dsl401. Seriously... You'll be very happy with the VC30.
Happy buying
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