anyone else stubmled upon these so-called 'lessons' which are nothing more than the song played slower (and more ofter than not) inaccurately?

they teach you absolutely nothing and i just thought id have a bit of a rant. who knows, it might actually make a decent bit of discussion...

ps. i did actually use the search bar
Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.
Some of them are really good, some not so good - they aren't really rant material.
I've watched two minutes in and not seen any aspect of it being a lesson .

I was once looking for Snow by RHCP in Youtube and it came up with loads of lessons, I looked at a few and most people were saying they can't even play it themselves, yet they're showing others how to do it.
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^ jesus H christ that guys HORRIBLE
How can that possibly be a lesson theres no explaining its just some guy playing the song wrong and screwing up
what a douche.
Not all are bad. I'm currently learning "The Stillborn One" via a youtube lesson. It's actually better than tab.
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