I have my guitar lesson today, and I feel that im really lost in what to do next. I've been playing about two years, I got the pentatonic down smooth, but im not motivated enough to learn the major scale, since every time I try to it sounds classical and not the rock style I want.

I really dont want to learn any songs either, so I have no idea what the hell to go for next.
Jam over some blues backing tracks, or your teacher playing a shuffle. Learn some licks from him.
My teacher is a mix of a metalhead and a jazz junkie. He himself is a jazz guitarist.

I might try to tackle a solo, something like Comfortably Numb. Or just have him play a progression to practice my soloing, as I feel my phrasing is good but my speed could be a lot better for someone playing for 2 years.
I'm learning Comfortably Numb at the moment, its the first solo I've sat down and tried to learn (I'm lazy as hell, I prefer playing a good riff to a solo) and its great fun. I'd recommend learning it for sure.

Also, join a band. Even if its just covers, it gets you motivated to learn new stuff, and expand your style into different genres.
Start improvising with a pentatonic, intentionally screw up your note selection, but try to resolve anyway. Break off the pentatonic scale intentionally too. Learn some more riffs too.