Hey guys, I'm not sure if this is supposed to be here. But I recently got an Epiphone SG electric guitar and whenever I fret ANYTHING on the e string and hit the chord it likes to vibrate a bit on the next fret up. I've tried raising the bridge and that hasn't done anything but make it harder to play. I still get the metallic buzz from the string hitting the next fret. Any help? Suggestions?
go into the closest shop to you and have them rise the action that should take care of it
it could be the nut. i hate problems with the nut

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Asked a reliable source (my dad) and he said that its normal. Still might get the action raised because it bothers the living hell out of me.

Thanks for the suggestions guys.
my first guitar i even owned was an epiphone sg, and there were many things i liked about it. however, there were even more things that i hated about that guitar.

i had the special model, im not sure what u had, but i had the same problem with the rattling string. raising the action seems like its the thing to do, but it doesnt fix the problem, it just covers it up temporarily. if you're a new player (which i figure you are because you play an epiphone sg), you should get used to the rattling string instead of playing with such high action, and then you will appreciate a good guitar when you play one.
I actually own an Epiphone SG as well. There have been a couple times I have been getting a rattle. I used to just take it to a guitar shop to get fixed. They would adjust everything and straighten out the neck.

My main problem was the strings though. I was in a bit of a heavy metal band and I had EB 52's for the low e . That was one problem because of the heavy strings.

Are you using heavy strings or just lights?
Heh, to be honest I don't have much experience with electric guitars. Most of my experience is on bass. So sure, the strings are light :P.

I may look into lighter strings later on, but right now they are good for teaching my hands technique. Thanks for the info though and yeah you guys are correct, this is the first electric I've owned and my father suggested it as a good starting guitar. Only a few weeks into playing and still learning how the thing is, how the strings should be hit, what produces the best sound for stuff etc etc.

From what I've been told, alot of the rattling is from just how I like to strum and the fact that I like to hit the strings hard with the pick.
Yeah if you are used to bass then you are probably hitting the string pretty hard

At least you got some experience with playing guitar though. I remember when I changed to light strings, I felt like I was 10X better at playing guitar because lighter strings were so much easier to play with.

It still might be a good idea to take the guitar in to get looked at. It should only cost you about 20 bucks and maybe they can fix the rattle.

Have fun!