Hi guys,
i need your opinion on this:

Epiphone les paul Standard Translucent Amber,
Tusq nut,
Gotoh Aluminium Bridge,
CTS Audio Taper Long Shaft 500k Pots
(will have them in a week) Seymour Duncan Antiquity Humbucker set

What do you think of that combination, was it worth these upgrades?


pictures still to arrive
The upgrades sound solid and sensible. It doesn't add a whole lot to the resale value, but if you are going to keep it its worth it. If you are thinking about buying it don't pay more than $100 more than what you can get a regular Epi LP Standard for used. Also depends on how well the upgrades were executed.
what uldhppi said, those are good upgrades for that guitar, just for the love of god don't replace the tuners!
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What did you want the upgrades to accomplish? They look good, but I need some context before I pass judgment.
well i was thinking in the first place saving for gibson classic antiquity which costs £1k, but then a marshall dsl came in for 370 and i couldn't save a grand in 2 years from that point, so i decided to spend the rest on epi and improve it as much as possible when i have the money, and bit by bit i did improve it. I was looking as i said something which would be good for playing for some years before getting some proper les paul with long neck tennon, honduras (if possible) mahogany, hard maple top, proper craftmenship and stuff which will set me off for app. £2500 (think tokai LS-380) - but that will happen once i start working in a firm and be able to get myself credit and stuff. For now i got the epi.
sounds awesome... just very expensive. I'm looking at getting a Tokai too... not a 380 yet though. Maybe in a few years when I'm a bit more affluent. Does the aluminium bridge make that much of a difference btw?

Nice upgrades... just don't sell the thing. It's a players guitar.... especially with what you've spent on it.
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