I bought a pick up, and I asked the guitar shop where i get lessons how much it'd cost to install it.


Is it really that hard? Is it something i could do? Im good with a screwdriver and some instructions. Do you know any websites that could walk me through it ir should I just pay 55 dollars?

70.1% the cost of the pick up, to have it installed, it doesn't make sense to me.
You need a soldering iron, some solder, and the knowledge of how to use them too.

$55 is ****ing extortionate, though. He might throw in some strings too, but still ...
I'm assuming its a humbucker? $55 is way too much to install it. If you're just swapping a humbucker, go ahead and try it. Its not that hard if you're just doing a simple swap of one pickup from another.
Meh, it depends really. The better a tech is the more he will cost, you aren't just paying for the solder, you're paying for his time, and the many years he put into becoming a luthier.

Another part of this is, even if he's doing work that doesn't require much skill, it takes up time that could be spent doing something much more difficult.

Anyway, if you don't want to pay it, yes, you can do it yourself.
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my dad is good at using a soldering iron. It a bridge humbucker. Are their any diagrams your suggest? Because I don't think I'm going to spend 55 for them to do it. -_-
I was thinking the same since I want to get a Fat Strat and modify it to an all new HSH setup.

My dad has been working with solder for 20 years, i'd imagine he'd be able to help me figure it out.
As long as your guitar is a solid-body it isn't too hard. Just relax, take your time and make sure the wiring is correct. Keep hot solder gobs off your finish. Use resin core solder, not acid core. Did your new pickup come with a wiring diagram?
Well charging that much is just extortionate. You'll need to solder so just get some old wire you dont need, cut it up then solder it together again to practise. I also thought it'd be really difficult but when you get the hang of soldering its simple. I managed to install a 4 conductor humbucker into a strat in about 20 minutes with some help from my dad (sometimes you need an extra pair of hands to hold things!). Its really a lot easier than it seems, but practise first! Good luck.
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One thing I did when I replaced the pickups on my Dean was compare the new pickups to the old, then mark each wire with a different colored Sharpie (matched the pos. wires of the old pickups with the pos. wires on the new pickups, and marked them both the same color, then did the same with the other wires with a different color).

Then, I would mark each solder point where the old pickups were connected, with the corresponding colors, so I would know where to solder the new ones (provided you're keeping the original pots).

Worked great, and was a heck of a lot easier than I thought.
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All you have to do when swapping passive humbuckers for passive humbuckers... is connect four wires in a correct order. It takes fifteen minutes or less. I don't even take my strings off when I swap pickups.

What's your current guitar/pickup, and what are you swapping it to?
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all you need to know how to do is solder and be able to read wiring instructions
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It's not that hard, get your dad to teach you how to solder. Go to www.seymourduncan.com and move the mouse over support, then move down to and click on wiring diagrams. There's a ton of them on that site. Their forums are also pretty helpful (I use to go on them till I was banned).

If you want some sort of crazy diagram, pm me, I might be able to draw one up for you, if it's not already on the web.
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