well, i am 26. first got a cheap acoustic when i was 12. never practiced. always been a big fan of acoustic and wanted to learn. someone gave me a nice acoustic last week, now i am serious about learning. any advice you guys could give me would be great. i am most likely going to get dvds to lear. no time for a teacher.
Are you completely new to playing? In that case, do the open chords (C,D,E,G,A and its minor variations) and practice them until you can change smoothly between them. Then get working on some fingerplay - play chords and simply pluck one string at the time. Ex. pluck the low E string, then the G, B, high E, B, G and repeat, you're playing an E minor without even having to fret anything.

That's the basics, after that it's simply finding stuff you want to learn to play, find out how to play them and then practice. Use tabs.
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learn some simple stuff to chords are 2 boring i try learning them at frist and i quit but some easy picking riffs like
the ventures - petter gun
movie and cartoon theme songs too
guitar has to be fun or else you'll just quit like i did at frist. im not saying not to listin to none of these guys i dont wanna step on no one toes here. im just simply saying keep it fun anything u wanna learn thats not advanced learn it. and look at the lessons these dudes post on this site they are very helpful u might wanna play classical with your fingers or use a pick or both either way its all there