Specs sound good. It certainly is pretty. I would get some user feedback on the durability/tuning issues of the trem.
have you ever played one? i strongly suggest you find one and play it before you drop any cash
ive only ever bought one guitar id never played, my Danelectro.. i got lucky and loved it but i get the feeling thats like lightning striking in the same place twice
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thats the problem I have been to a few guitar shops just looking around and I have never seen any of these around.. now I wasnt looking, but my local GC barely has any deans and the ones they do have are all of the Dimebag ones... but I may see if I can find a select hardtail and play on that to give me some feeling of it...
Looks pretty cool. I've had extensive experience with a lot of Deans... and I've never played a particularly nice one.

Maybe look at Schecter c1's, some Ibanez prestige models etc.

Good luck.
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