The goal was to make a catchy song without use of guitars, i think i pulled it off. The lyrics are comprised of thoughts that occurred to me in college. When listening to my older songs compared to this, you can really see how much my production quality has increased.

Crit for crit. Leave a link.


Also, how badass is that trumpet in the bridge?
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If you didn't record each instrument/voice separately try doing that. What kind of piano are you using? You need to mic it better. There's no atmosphere in this recording. I have to agree with the other guy that you need to work on the voice as well, even just the recording set up for it. Everything sounds to weak in this song. Try recording it in separate tracks and getting the mic closer to the source and then repost (I'm not trying to be an a**hole but it's not fair to you when the recording itself brings the music down that much before anyone even gets a chance to listen to it).
No I know, it's just that it loses any kind of visceral effect in terms of sound with a recording like this so it almost immediately takes the emotion out of it. Don't get me wrong though, if I recorded anything with vocals it would be crap whether it was recorded well or not...cause I suck.