I'm looking for better settings on my XXX, i've tried to mess around with them, but I can never really get many great tones.

I usually have my treble and bass high (7-8+), and my mids around 4 or 5. That gives me a nice setting on crunch and ultra, but what about cleans?

I know it's supposed to be a metal beast, but I found myself getting nicer metal/rock tones through a Digitech Distortion factory than the regular amp
raise the mids?
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raise the mids a smidge and lower the treble a smidge.

also fiddle with the tone and volume knobs on your guitar, and different pups, it all makes a surprisingly big difference
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i play through a peavey xxx 212 and also am wanting some good settings for it.
my current settings for crunch: high-3.5 mid-5 low-4.5 volume cranked
for the ultra its about the same but with more bass and less treble
I put everything at around 5 like PeavyXXXman said, and it didn't sound half bad.

Tomorrow when my parents are working im going to crank it a little higher, thats when I can usually feel the tube power, when I bend higher notes.
also u culd change your dampening to loose.
i always kept it on medium untill yesterday. lets just say it sound muuuch better now