I've just modded my Squier to fretless, it went well, BUT- I now have next to no sustain, unless i use my nail (or a slide i guess) to play the notes. Any way to remedy this?
Theres a little thing called a Fat Finger. it attaches to ur headstock and increases sustain. Other than that, all i can think of is putting a Fernandes Sustainer in the mid position. With that thing, u could hold a note forever.
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you could put a plate over the fretboard

Huh? Like crockery plate? =D
A decent, hard tail (in case its a guitar) bridge and a solid nut are all you can do gear wise.

Remember to use some vibrato to help keep to notes going, but overall fretlesses do not have great sustain. Factor in that you started with an instrument with not a massive amount of sustain to begin with, and you won't have that much sustain.
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Huh? Like crockery plate? =D

i was thinking metal, like stainless or something
sustainer? Worked well for mine.
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Like I said before: Rosewood (or maple) isn't hard enough to carry vibration for sustain. That's why fretless boards are made of ebony or some other really hard wood. Other than what has already been said, you could go the hard way and make an ebony fretboard.
Cover the fretboard in a very smooth layer of epoxy. That should help.
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