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For me, all of my friends are n00bs and probably don't even have the slightest idea what a forum is, so therefore I keep UG to myself . It is like my secret little world lol
So what is your take on this subject?
Yes, quite often. There are a lot of hilarious threads I share with non-members.

I even physically speak of UG with other members.
Same here. I have only told one other person about UG.
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I have only spoken of it in 'real life' once recently to a friend about the thread here a while ago about being caught masturbating

i tell my friends of the funny threads and wat they post. they laugh and say i should spend more time practicing
One of my friends posts here sometimes, when he needs info on stuff. He knows UG because im always on it looking at new, tabs, or the forums.

I'm sure a lot of other people use UG for tabs.
I have a number of guitarist friends, and we all use UG for tabs. Used to use MXTabs, but since that got shut down, we came here. They dont go on the forums, though.

Just for the record, I always thought it was easier to find tabs on MX...
2 of my best friends are on it & we talk about it sometimes. My friends who aren't on it hear about it alot too b/c there's not much to do here.
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Well im friends with tanglewoodguit in real life, so sometimes we talk about it at school
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I talk about it sometimes, not that often though. Moreso with other musicians.
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Yes, I do. I talk about it with Mr.Mcawsum2112 and other non-UGer's. Theres just too much great stuff here to keep to myself
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I tell my freinds of funny threads, but i call it the 'guitar forum website'. One thread that got laughs was the one liners thread with that thing about harry potter, replacing the word wand with wang. we had some fun with that!
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yeah i always talk about it

some of the threads get really ass funny!

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I tell my mates about it a couple of them are members but hardly ever come on. But all my guitar playing mates have used it for tabs, and occasionally dabble in the forums.
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I don't tell my friends because some of them are also band members, and then I wouldn't be able to openly bitch about them here.
there are two friends who i tell about something funny i saw when we're bored. ussually it comes up when they say "where'd you get that picture?" "UG"

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Yea i do. I moved to SD recently and its funny when i tell people that my buddy and i met online, and that we "play" together. It arouses well as other things for certain people. =P I have to then explain we play music, and not the skin flute.
Nope, don't want to sound like a twat, UG takes up a very small part of my time, so I don't really think about often.
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not really just my best friend zach,he has an account here but he rarely if ever uses it lol but i show him a lot of the funny threads and stuff here so he understands
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Of course not. I talk to a few people about telepathically, but not physically, no.
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I never used to much but I know Magic Jim in real life, as much as I hate to admit it, so we chat occasionally.
My friends know about UG for tabs, but don't think they've ever saw the forum link, and considering they type like retards, they probably shouldn't find out about it. it'll be best for all parties.
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I only tell my friend about UG memes.

There aren't any.

Anyway, sometimes I'll say something like "someone in this forum I post in said such and such" but I won't go into specifics usually.
I talk to skaguitarist, and we share many inside jokes thanks to UG
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I like you, as a fellow vocalist I like that you are here on UG and admit to not being a guitarist.

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There are quite a few UG'ers on here who I see in real life- played a gig with Alix_D's band last week, too, where I made a shout out to UG. =P Also, I actively mention UG at my gigs. Look out for the stuffed toy Mudkip. I have one on me at all times!

It's also a very well known fact that I have the pleasure of knowing Esther_Mouse in person, and she's wonderful.
Hexagram is one of my roommates and we always show our other 2 roommates the stupid crap in the Pit.

I'll have a bourbon.
i told my friend about it, he signed up and got banned after a day, but that was ages ago.
i was in the car and my friend said something about his arm hurting...i told him to rub icy hot on it.

And i always tell my mom stupid stuff thats going on in the pit boxes
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it is definetly my secret world haha.
one time i said something about discussing tubescreamers on a forum but that was it. this is our world, not theres.
yeah my buddies know what the pit is lol, but they didnt sign up...cause they know what its like...the hot summer days in the pit...when metal_claw comes in or even rageagainst...and makes you laugh till your heart stops beating...scary...

lol yes i talk to them about hilarious posts and stuff
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I never used to much but I know Magic Jim in real life, as much as I hate to admit it, so we chat occasionally.

yeh, you know you've hit the lowest of lows when you know me in real life
even worse when you watch die hard with me
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