alright i got this email from a guy at my local guitar store regarding setups and this is what he said..

"Hi Paul!

Eric from the Service Dept. here. Setups range from $50-90 dependant on type of bridge. Time is 1-2 weeks, usually closer to 1, but I’m 23 guitars behind right now. There are very few if any guitars capable of handling a range of tuning from concert to drop C, and even if the neck was stable enough to handle it the intonation would be way off. There’s a reason for multiple guitars if you play multiple tunings.

Let me know if I can be of further help.-Eric"

my question is what does he mean about the intonation?
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Intonation is the ability for a fretted instrument to keep tune. Meaning ur strings might be tuned to the right notes, but the notes on the fretboard would be off, or it would go outta tune alot more than normal.
Eric is quite right there. And is your question "What is intonation" or "Why would intonation change when radically switching between tunings"?
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why it radically switches between tunings
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cause i don't get it why wouldn't it just stay?
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ok, this guy is saying that usually players have several guitars. some they keep in drop C some in standard, and so on.

and that guys do this so they dont have to constantly keep adjusting and fine tuning the guitar's settings.

including the intonation.
all intonation is, is tuning.

if u've ever fretted a string at the 12th fret, and felt it seemed a little out of tune, even tho the open string is in tune, then ur intonation is off.

what eric isnt telling you, is that most guitars, dont need anything close to a $70 tune up.
and that intonation is adjusted by turning one screw.

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