I've submitted a tab and I am wondering what the letter at the "tab status" mean. Right now it says "D", yesterday it said "W".

Please help!
it could have been denied if it was wrong, or if there was already several correct tabs for it

Contact Dyuha if you want to ask about it
I had a tab of a song that was right, and it had a solo, which the other 2 versions did not have. Took me a couple hours, but it was denied. Thats pretty crappy. you should at least let me see my tab so I can edit it and resumbit it, not have to do it all over. It wasnt even a popular song and noone denied it so I dont understand why it was not accepted.
If you really think your tab shouldn't have been denied, i.e. there aren't already alot/highly rated versions already on the site, your tab isn't almost exactly the same, it's correct and well formatted etc. then talk to Dyuha.

Saving your tabs on some sort of word type programme is obviously advisable, also I think if you use the courier font it aligns properly.
I worked on my tab for hours in word and I thought it was pretty perfect. I'll contact Dyuha.

Dyuha, You should also note that misspelling of song titles, putting the album name in the tab

Putting the album name in the tab? I can't see why that wouldn't be allowed. Perhaps the denial was based on the fact that I put the album name in my tab. Who know?!
what song did you tab out?

chances are it was either wrong or there was already a tab for that song which was just as good, if not better.
Rhythm in Jump. Dancing Close to You.

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Hey, by the red hot chili peppers. The tabs already there were either hard to read or not complete or accurate (in my opinion).