So anyway, today in my music appreciation class, we are supposed to bring in CDs, and then talk about musical form yadda yadda..Anyway, I brought in an Opeth Cd, and my teacher just shut it off, claming it isn’t music because she can't figure out the form, and then we had to watch videos over Broadway musicals. She got angry because everyone fell asleep, and asked what our deal was. Most of us agreed that it was lame that she just disregarded Opeth as "not music" because he screams, and then she expects us to love Broadway. I would have had a MUCH more open mind to it, if she would’ve had an open mind about my music.

Im just venting, you can say anything if you want. Or say your teachers a bitch, just because its fun.
I completely agree with you.

Your teacher's a hypocrite who doesn't appreciate music (irony!)
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yea i don't think she should be teaching a music appreciation class if she can't appreciate ALL music.

Your teacher is a dick
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hahahhaha just be like "you don't appreciate my music in a music appreciation class?"

thats pretty gay. if anything sample some songs so it starts out really soft and hotel california like and then have it all of a sudden jump into deicide or cryptopsy. oh and make the lyrics be "Die or APPRECIATE OPETH! DIE OR APPRECIATE OPETH!"

thats pretty direct.

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Just whip it out and start crankin mid lesson.

i hear that
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Yeah, gotta love those old school music teachers who hate anything remotely modern and edgy.
Kill that bitch!
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Well, I personally hate Metal, but I won't let that bias get in the way of my thoughts; your teacher is a horrible teacher, and tell her that any music theorist that knows the slightest bit on music theory would know that she was being ignorant and inane.
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Just whip it out and start crankin mid lesson.

Damn right.

TS, I say you somehow link up all the stereos in your class together, max the volume, then pump out "The Grand Conjuration".

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Seems like any teacher over about 50 or so is either odd, too old fashioned, or really mean. I couldnt imagine ur teacher being under 45 or so. And not being able to figure out form is her problem. Shes the one with the music degree, and should be able to appreciate ur music and not dislike u for not liking her broadway stuff.
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My bet?

The teacher would stop what shes doing, have a quick glance to make sure everyone was asleep.

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Slowly she'd start to dip them in, in and out, in and out.

That or she'd just scream, i dunno like.

Shes like, 22. Im not to much into crazy hardcore death metal, but i thought, "Hey! Opeth is cool, got some funky stuff in their!" And I could figure the form just fine..
Wow, your teacher's a bitch. I mean, I can understand it if a teacher said something like Converge wasn't music, but Opeth is definetly music. That's pathetic really, I hate people like that. The only music I like from Broadway is Chicago, but Broadway is just as much music as Opeth or any other band.
we had a discusion about wath is and isnt music on a leson. u know there is some realy wear **** that is cald music but its like.. nothing. someone start with making a sound then its quiet for a wile and thats the song... thats bad...
anyway our conclosion is that eweryting that that have thout behinde it is music
(im not that good at spelling sorry :P )
Yeah, your teacher sounds like a terrible teacher actually.

My music teacher is pretty much amazing. He's really open to all the students suggestions as to what to play in terms of music. He tries to get music that is both challenging and fun for the students (we actually get some pretty awesome songs to play in music class).

He's even told us that if there is any song we want to play we can transcribe it ourselves and perform it. Of course, no student cares enough to work that much, but still.