so i need a new amp, nothing big, but good enough to do some small gigs with. I got a pretty limited budget, no more than $400 and that's pushing it. I really like Peavey and was looking at this


and i like that one becuase it has an effects loop. (but would i be better off buying a pedal?)

i play stuff from classic rock (Zeppelin and Stones) to hard rock like Metallica and sometimes get into a little bit of metal...

any suggestions welcome.
Id say Valveking if u want a Peavey. If u can get something else, a V16 would be best. TransTube is another word for "SS Tube faking."
Used Traynor YCV40. Mine was $400, and I can't get enough of it!
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personally i would get a tube amp but thats gonna be more expensive. i have an amp just like this except it didnt have effects and i bout a gnx3 sounds freakn wicked. oh and its loud as hell too.
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The Bandit is one of the best sounding solid state amps around, as are all the Peavey Transtubes. For that much money though I think you can get a good tube combo. Look used or consider the Valveking and V16, both good amps.
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Used Traynor YCV40. Mine was $400, and I can't get enough of it!

+1 on used gear.

Should have little trouble finding a second hand Classic 30 for under $400. Otherwise the Palomino V16 is a decent choice.
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The Transtube sound great for SS, but as there's valve amps available for the same price it's not really worth looking at! As suggested though,the Valveking and Palomino are good choices, though there's also the Laney LC series to consider. If you consider used amps you'll open up even more possibilities as well....