So I've decided I'm in love with the overall quirkyness of the Jaguar and have been doing bit of reasearch on it. I play some odd indie/alt stuff, we can get pretty crazy but never really enough to merit humbuckers. It seems like the major difference between the MIA and CIJ/MIJ ones are the pickups, but most people suggest modding the pickups and perhaps the bridge anyways. So here are my questions
1) Is it worth going japanese for the sake of $600 and then modifying it? (I'm a student, saving up to $1400 for an MIA would be tough)
2) I have found a few M/CIJ on Ebay but that doesnt leave a whole lot of room to be picky with colors/accesories. Anybody know anywhere i could buy a japanese one? I tried Ishibashi but it won't translate the creditcard/buying page (unless I'm doing something wrong.)
I have a MIJ Strat and I like the stock pickups. You may be fine with them too. Prices on Ebay are variable as you know, but you might get a better deal than buying new.
There are several forumites that do business with Ishibashi, so stay tuned. If you don't get the info you want on Ish. start a new thread and ask "Has anyone ordered from Ish. Can't get credit info to translate on their site."
I bought mine the year that Ish. stopped selling in the US. Last one in the store.
Thanks a lot, I'd definitly give the guitar a try as it comes before I'd change anything, I was just speaking about a hypothetical budget. How about it, anyone done business with Ishibashi recently?
Just curious, but have you considered building one from scratch using Warmoth or a similar dealer? A little while back I was mapping out a project to do a franken-jazzmaster using their products and not only could I get exactly what I wanted, but it was also pretty cost effective. I would definitely check out their site or another company's as you may find a neck that isn't typical to the Jag, but just feels great... Same with pickup set ups, etc.

Good luck!
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