Anyone have the Line6 Pocket Pod, or tried it? I'm interested in getting one for practicing at home, and it sounds great on the sample clips I've heard. I'd like to know how it sounds as a practice tool with headphones, and also how it sounds used with an amp as a pedal.

Anyone recommend it, or have opinions on it?
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I have, I liked it, worth the price, sounded decent. Nothing extraordinary, but since it's not that expensive I would recommend it.
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Yeah, probably good for the price. I don't like the samples I've heard of any POD product so far, but I think they're ok.
i think i might get one when i go to college
so i don't need an amp or my pedal board
or i might use it and my valve junior or soemthing
but i think it might be nice
yeah, I think this pocket pod should be good for practicing in my apartment. thanks for the replies everyone.

anyone else have some comments on the pocket pod if you tried it?
Another question: would anyone consider buying a Korg AX1500G instead of a POD?

I haven't got the chance to try out a Korg AX1500G, to compare them. But for just practicing though headphones, or at low volumes, which would you say is better?
Same answer as I posted at HC....

The pocket pod and the AX1500G are two different animals. You can get the same sounds from a AX3G for $50 vs $200 for the AX1500G. I know I have them both.

The AX3G compares to the Pocket Pod more than the AX1500G, and is cheaper to boot. An advantage the Pod has over both the Korg units is USB connectivity, software config/backup, and a display that you can name presets. IMO, this is a big advantage. The AX1500 only beats it out in the sense that it's a floor unit. If you don't need a floor unit, then you can decide on the basis of the AX3G vs Pod.
I have the AX3000g, and I must say that i like the sounds i get out of it alot. I bought it for about 300, though, twice that of the pocket pod. I think that fly has a point, its only worth it if you need a floor model for playing live and such. But i also like the korg because it does cleans and mellow tones nicely, meanwhile line6 doesn't have very good cleans.

Thanks for the replies everyone .
I think I'll go for the pocket POD. Seems like it has the features I need for practicing.

Another question:
Does anyone know if I can connect a pocket POD to an amp and play with it, along with pedals, through headphones connected to the pocket POD at the same time?
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I own a pocket pod and really like it. It sounds nice if you put it through a PA, not so good through amps due to the EQ and voicing of the amp interfering and such, but through a nice pair of headphones it's very good. A great headphone amp for practicing and I expect it'd be good for direct recording too.

It has a good amount of features, nearly everything is usable. A few downsides though:

1) the compressor is useless. Just makes a lot of noise.
2) for some reason there's no phaser.
3) the "fuzz box" amp model is awful.

Apart from that it's a nice little thing. And good value too.

EDIT: I tried it with pedals too, it sounded fine. Not as good as the pedals through an amp, but usable.
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^thanks for the reply, timi_hendrix. I think it'll serve my needs for practicing at home in my apartment, by being able to play through headphones. It sucks not being able to play my amp as I'd like, since I live in an apartment. I'll probably buy the pocket pod soon, sometime this month.

too bad the Fuzz isn't so good, as that's by far my favorite effect

BTW, do you know if it's possible to hook up the pod to headphones, pedals, and an amp at the same time? I'm hoping to be able to still use my amp with the pod, but while using headphones so that I won't make too much noise.
Thanks for the replies, everyone. I'm getting one for sure. It sounds like it'll be great for what I need.

I have another question: Has anyone tried the Pocket Pod on a tube amp without an effects loop? My amp doesn't have an effects loop, and I'm wondering how it'll sound if I were to just use the P-Pod for effects instead of for the amp and cab models.
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^ Anybody know about my question about how it can be used with a tube amp without an effects loop?
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^That's actually what I was referring to. I normally use my Ppod in front of my amp. However, I haven't tried it yet in the effects loop (I need another cable)

Oh thanks, I see what you're saying now. When I get my Pocket POD in a few weeks, I'll try it out with my amp to see how it sounds. If yours sounds decent in front of your amp, without going through the effects loop, I'm hoping mine can sound good too. And now I think that it won't work to use headphones into the Pocket POD while connected to an amp, since the amp's speaker won't be shut off. Instead, I'll probably hook my headphones into the amp while playing through my Pocket POD. I'm hoping that the effects like reverb, delay and compression will sound OK, since I don't have real pedals for those effects.

And I hope I don't have problems using the PPOD software on my computer, because I do have Logitech USB devices. I'll see what happens...