Alrighty it is now complete its about 5 minutes 30 seconds i believe and its my first complete piece of music the bass isnt really finished but i got tired of working on it so it might be done later tonight or tommorow or something like that

Screams fell silent under the black sun.zip
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Well it isnt hard to bend a string that has the tension of a piece of well cooked spaghetti, especially when you have hands like goalkeeper gloves

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Screams fell silent underneath the black sun
I didn't like the part up until the acoustic. I really liked the acoustic part tho, my favourite part. I didn't like the end that much either (more than the beginning tho), probably just not my kind of music.

But yeah, I really liked the acoustic part.
I think i might owe you a crit so...

it's good but i want heavier. Go down to C# tuning dude. Also I like the bass in the song. I love the fast part. solo is pretty good fits the song. the clean intro is good, but kinda random And i think you should just keep this pure metal. I like the part after the clean also. Maybe make it a touch catchier though. overall, I liked this. I liked the fast, high energy speed riffs the most. Overall, for the effort you obviously put in, you get a 9, a 9/10