My guitar skills suck. I won't lie. I think the best thing I can play would be a few simple metal riffs. So how would I go from basic garbage, to being a better player. What techniques/music should I try to get more into the advanced stuff? For example:

Where could I find the beginner stuff to all of these. I mean I obviously can't go from playing power chords to Mea Culpa in one night. So what do I do to start working on it?
Tapping is the easiest of those 4, but simple open-chord arpeggios are no-brainers. Look at cyberfret.com. they have good technique lessons. An easy song with a tapping riff is Lipgloss and Black by Atreyu. The intro is about as simple as it gets. Other things, like shredding and sweeping is just lots of practice and exercises.
and for tapping check out check out "thunderstruck" by ac/dc. a good shred type solo is "highway star" by deep purple.
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if you want to get better by learning others songs, pick some bands by genre, neo classical or death metal for shredding and sweeps, its all out there, just a matter of finding it.
ps. learn lots of different rythm picking patterns, makes it easier to pick up on songs by ear